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duminică, 28 noiembrie 2010

Screenshoot with my BB 9500 without BIS


Service Book
Home screen

Facebook 1.6 works without BIS
Instant Messaging 
I recomand Beejive is only $10  but it connect much faster than Nimbuzz  wich is free.

Mail by Shangmail works with BB native mail app

Other Apps

duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

Hi my name is Relu , i`m from Romania and i will give you a guide how to use your Blackberry handset  without BIS (blackberry internet services) or BES (blackberry entreprise services) data plan.
 First of all, Blackberry is a business phone known for it`s functionality not for entertainment or media . Those phones are famous for they internet and email  live im  "push".
 Now ,some of you woders : What is push mail ,push web browser ...push im...?

Push (example email push) instead of  inquire electronic mailbox for new mails (every time you want to check your email you have to pres send /recive button) ,those  new mails from the email box are delivered to your handset in real time. That`s why blackberry is a business class phone because you recive information very quicly and information equals money.(it`s about mobility)

Blackberry hanheld use an operating system call RIM developed by the canadian  company Research In Motion.
 RIM use those two services BIS and BES. It`s a kind of server who offers all the internet and email services on blackberry handheld .
Without those two services(BIS/BES) provided by RIM  Blackberry smartphone would be a simple phone with organizer ,good camera and nothing else.It`s true ,BB are high end handsets but Without BIS/BES it would be a good quality phone (not smartphone) and nothing else.
So when we are talking about Blackberry we are not talking about fashion or media  or games, we are talking about pure functinality(true comunication ability)

Now for those of you who like this brand (BlackBerry)  i found on internet a solution  who inproves BB functionality without RIM services(BIS/BES).

Now let`s get started:

First of all you must know that all internet settings and some applications(including browser) of BB handset are kept in ServiceBook
To see your sevicebooks  go to:

Options(from main menu) >Advanced options>Service Book on your BB handset

Ok, now maybe you will see that Service Book is empty.

Now  the link below contains a hacking kit that resolve your problem with your Internet on blackberry
The files are here and instructions here. Follow the instructions and everything should be ok.

For more information follow this blog.

Follow the instructions on given page. This page suppose to have a litlle knowloge about technology and BB handsets.

After you manage it and your BB works check the link below with cool apps

Blackberry storm apps

I hope my advice was useful and i'll wait for your feedback.

Thank You.
I'll be back with some pictures soon